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Poecology  —  "Time Measured"

Blog for Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life  by Thich Nhat Hanh  —  "Making Time"

Floodwall   —  "The Poet, the Fisherman"

Foundling Review   —  "The Elements"

Red Light Lit, Vol. 6  —  "Without Touching"

Red Light Lit, Vol. 8  —  "Sips"

Ekphrasis  —  "Definition"

Ursa Minor , Vol. 1   —  "NESW" & "Sign Posts"

Papyrus Greeting Cards (various)  —  Copy Writer

Cielomar Jewelry  —  Copy Writer / Editor

An Interview with Peter Kline  —  Interviewer

Fourteen Hills, Vol. 19.2  —  Poetry Editor

Fourteen Hills, Vol. 19.1  —  Poetry Editor

Fourteen HillsVol. 18.2  —  Asst. Poetry Editor

Fourteen Hills, Vol. 18.1  —  Poetry Staff

Hope Seven by Stoyan Vassilev   —  Co-Copy Editor


San Francisco Browning Society's Myna Brunton Hughes Award

James Milton Highsmith Drama Award, second place




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